Montague Wi-Fi

Montague already offers visitors and residents an “App” to locate points of interest, publish events, detail accommodation, point to places to eat, and much more.  This is a great resource and helps promote our great town.  However, we need to actively promote its download and use.  (Search “Montague PEI” in Apple App Store or Android Google Play).

A Montague-wide FREE Wi-Fi network would provide us with a major opportunity to promote our businesses and community activities through being able to better advertise what’s going on; on the Waterfront, in our community organizations, in our schools, in our churches, and by our businesses.

Accordingly, the Montague Economic Development Corporation has invited proposals for implementation of a FREE Wi-Fi network within Montague.  FREE access would be used as a catalyst to encourage visitors and residents to download and use the Montague PEI App.  FREE access would also enable many other internet-based communications, such as messaging photos, sharing “likes” of local restaurants, searching for other local attractions, or emailing our friends and families.

We are also keen to reduce the cost of paid Internet service.  Therefore, we have also included a request for proposals for low-cost residential service.  Not everyone needs the latest 100+Mb/sec high-speed Internet service currently provided within Montague; and not everyone is able to pay the price for such service.  We would like to see a lower-cost alternative.

We expect several responses to our request for proposal and we will be reviewing them over the coming weeks.

Contact MEDC for copies of the Request for Proposal.  Outline proposals are required by October 13, 2017

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