There’s never been a better time to do business in Montague, Prince Edward Island.

There’s never been a better time to do business in Montague, Prince Edward Island.

Our Vision

Our vision for the Montague area, namely how we would like it to be described, has several factors.

The Town of Montague stands out as being one of the most dynamic communities in Eastern Canada. Everyone achieve their full potential, develop their skills through education and training, participate and enjoy a wide variety of activities and events, and are supported by a caring community with comprehensive services.

Montague businesses thrive, with both local outlets and sales to regional, national and international customers. Montague consistently supports its workforce and its businesses.

To achieve this, we need to develop our community, such that they can offer businesses the workforce that is going to allow them to succeed. We need a quality, skilled and motivated workforce.

In order to attract businesses, we need to provide not only financial encouragement (e.g. tax offsets and provincial loans) and infrastructure support (e.g. parking, buildings) but also workforce skills support.

Montague is vibrant, a visual pleasure, historically rich, safe and friendly. Its waterfront, located on the Montague River (part of the National Heritage River System), offers outstanding opportunities for relaxing, walking, biking and sailing, and is a lively venue for music and cultural festivals. Montague is a lively centre for the arts, and many artists’ work adds to the town’s visual appeal. It is the #1 tourist centre for Kings County.

To match this vision, we need to provide the environment that encourages people to reside here, with excellent services, opportunities for recreation, and outlets for skills.

Montague is a leader in adoption of sustainable, “green” and accessibility best practices. High quality developments integrate the aspirations and needs of residents, visitors and businesses.

We want Montague and area to lead with best practices in ways that deliver tangible benefits and yet look to the future.

Montague offers QUALITY OF PLACE that attracts residents and visitors, and OPPORTUNITY that attracts business.

Our vision includes businesses, residents and visitors. We all benefit from each other.

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